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Building a New Food Economy
The story of a farmer and an entrepreneur collaborating to unite common goals for a robust regional marketplace.


Chefs’ Perspectives
Important takeaways from chefs and retail owners about selling locally grown products in the wholesale market.
Simple Advice For Selling Wholesale
Learning how to break into the wholesale market can be a challenging task for many farmers. Ben Doherty, co-owner of Open Hands Farm, shares how their farm began to sell wholesale.
Navigating Chef-Farmer Relationships
Brenda Langton learned through her years of experience as chef owner of Cafe Brenda and Spoonriver how to successfully navigate her relationships with farmers.
Tips for Connecting with Chefs
Within six years of starting Iron Shoe Farm, Carla Mertz went from growing and raising food almost exclusively for her family to selling to over forty restaurants. How did she do it?


The Paprika Pepper Partnership
This is the story of how the trusted relationship between Farmer Greg Reynolds and Mike Phillips of Red Table Meats led to the creation of Mike’s popular Boldog salami.


Why Local is the Way To Go
How you spend your food dollars makes a difference.

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