Access Codes:

Q: I’m a member of Minnesota Farmers Union, but I lost my access code. 
A: Simply send an email to foodshed@mfu.org to retrieve your MFU member access code. 

Q: I’m not a member of Minnesota Farmers Union yet, how do I get my access code?  
A: Visit https://www.mfu.org/product/foodshed-membership/to take advantage of a promotional one-year free Minnesota Farmers Union membership, especially created for new Minnesota Foodshed members. Your access code to Minnesota Foodshed will be listed in the order confirmation email you receive from Minnesota Farmers Union after becoming a member; scroll down to find it under “Minnesota Foodshed” within the list of member benefits. (If you do not receive a confirmation email, check your spam folder.)  

Restricted Access:

Q: Why can’t I access Farmers, Buyers or The Exchange
A: Minnesota Foodshed is a membership site, and users must be active members of Minnesota Farmers Union (MFU) to create a profile and have access to these areas of the site. For information about how to get your access code, continue reading. 

Minnesota Farmers Union Membership:

Q: Why do I need to be a member of MFU to access all areas of Minnesota Foodshed?
A: Minnesota Foodshed is a service provided by Minnesota Farmers Union based on a need repeatedly expressed to our organization. Your membership with MFU and Minnesota Foodshed – whether or not you are a farmer – helps us grow a strong, collective voice for agriculture in Minnesota and advocate for policy that supports farmers, rural communities and local food, which benefits everyone. 


Q: I’m having trouble uploading a photo. What am I doing wrong?
A: Your photo is likely too big. Either resize your photo or find another one 2.5MB or smaller. Cropping to a landscape works best.
*While photos are great, we suggest using your business logo for your profile image.

Google Maps:

Q: Google isn’t mapping my location correctly. 
A: Zip codes drive cities within Google mapping, therefore we are aware that sometimes cities do not map to the appropriate city for your location. Please allow Google Maps to map your location according to your address. We have added a second City, State field in your profile to correctly indicate the city and state that you prefer to have listed on your profile.

For other questions, please email mncooks@mfu.org and we’ll respond as soon as we can.