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Bringing farmers and wholesale buyers together to grow a stronger, more resilient food and farming community in Minnesota. Connect. Grow your network. Browse listings. Buy and sell more local food.

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About Minnesota Foodshed

Minnesota Foodshed is a service provided to MFU members aimed at helping farmers and wholesale buyers connect easily, learn how to work with one another successfully, and buy and sell more local food in Minnesota.

Developing relationships and selling or sourcing local products takes time and effort. Minnesota Foodshed streamlines the process, providing members with opportunities to connect with their counterparts through member profiles and move local goods more efficiently on The Exchange, a hub for posting or seeking local products available in real time.

Powered by Minnesota Cooks, the local foods program of Minnesota Farmers Union, we believe in an economy that works just as well for Main Street as it does for Wall Street. When independent local business owners work together, everyone wins.

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About Minnesota Foodshed
“Local food builds resiliency and transparency in our food system and communities. Having many small and mid-size family farmers producing our food supports rural communities and increases the accountability and safety of the foods we consume.”
Anne Schwagerl – Farmer Owner of Prairie Point Farm
“Local food is a model that helps to create a level playing field and fair pay for farmers and makers, which contributes to a more sustainable economic model and community.”
Kieran Folliard – Founder of Kieran’s Kitchen Northeast & Food Building
“Local foods feed more than just our bodies. Local foods feed our friends, communities, farmers and souls. Local Food is essential in creating connections within our communities. Fostering a better food system fosters a better sense of community.”
Chef Chris Homyak – Owner of Clearview Retail Partners

About Minnesota Farmers Union

After nearly twenty years showcasing the value of local foods partnerships through the Minnesota Cooks program, Minnesota Farmers Union (MFU) launched Minnesota Foodshed to make it easier for farmers to connect with restaurateurs, chefs, distillers, brewers and other stakeholders in Minnesota’s local food system so they can buy and sell more local food together.

MFU is a grassroots membership organization working on behalf of farmers, striving to both protect and enhance the economic interests and quality of life for family farmers, ranchers, rural residents and rural communities.

If you ate today, you have farmers to thank, which means you have a stake in a strong, resilient food system. Your membership with MFU and Minnesota Foodshed – whether or not you are a farmer – helps us grow a strong, collective voice for agriculture in Minnesota and advocate for policy that supports rural communities and local food.

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The Exchange

The Exchange is your real-time hub for selling or seeking local products available now. Farmers, post your bounty and move it faster. Buyers, browse the listings and post your requests. Let’s work together to move more local food.